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Intentional interior design speaks volumes to those who enter your space. It tells them who lives there or who works there.
It’s welcoming and inviting. It’s honest. And it’s a place that encourages you to stay.
Interior design Asheville NC-style, is a smooth, understated process that incorporates your personality, your style, your vision and ultimately — your very essence.




Your home should be as unique as you are, and it should function in a way that supports the way that you live.




Whether you are renovating, rebranding an existing business, or in the construction phase of your venture, we can align your brand with your business model.




We can help you rethink your space by reorganizing your furnishings and up cycling items that you already have.

Interior Architecture



Let us help your revise your existing layout, so that it is aligned with the way that you live, work and play.

Visual Style Boards



We can provide you with a visual tool that serves as a touch stone, and keeps the concept of your project on track.




Renderings provide the client with a visual image that shows what the finished space will look like.

About the Designer

Shawn Merkel of Align Design

Shawn earned her BFA in interior design from Kendall College of Art and Design and is a certified Feng Shui consultant. She believes that each area of expertise is intrinsically linked in a way that allows her to go a little deeper into the design process. She is proficient in both Commercial and Residential design and her diverse portfolio includes small redecorating projects as well as full – scale interior architecture, re-modeling. Learn more about Shawn...

Let Align Design help you align your physical space with the personal expression of who you are.
Actualize your vision into the home or business you’ve always dreamed of.
Align Design, where ideal becomes real

About the Process

Interior designer Shawn Merkel begins the design process with an interview. Getting to know you — your needs and desires — is tantamount to the evolution of the completed design. Not only does your finished space flow logically, making the best use of the square footage, but it also encompasses:
• The finest materials that also complement the interior design
• The ideal alignment of interior designing to the way you work, play and live
• Home interior design that meets the needs of your entire family and your lifestyle
• Office interior design that improves productivity
• Commercial interior design created for an easy flow of commerce for you and your customers

Full Service Interior Design Asheville, NC

Align Design Interior Design offers services starting from concept and design development, all the way through to interior and exterior color consultations, and adding the final, decorative touches.

Align Design can guide you in making smart design decisions, and help you understand the bigger picture of your Residential or Commercial design project.

We have an extensive, and diverse list of projects, and satisfied clients who would be happy to give a referral.

Let Align Design help you align your physical space with the personal expression of who you are, and actualize your vision of the home or business that you’ve always dreamed of.

  • Commercial & Residential Design
  • Small Business, Restaurant, Retail, & Office Design
  • Kitchen and Bath Design
  • Universal and Aging in Place Design
  • Concept and Space Planning & Reconfiguration
  • Material & Finish Selections: Walls and Flooring
  • Fixture and Appliance Selection
  • Lighting and Electrical Planning and Selection
  • Furniture and Décor Selection
  • Feng Shui
  • Collaboration with Architects and Contractors
  • Project Management
  • Design Drawings


Residential Interior Design Services

Rely on the expertise of Align Design professionals to pay attention to the smallest details of your home interior design. You can participate in every step of the home design plans as much as you want — from hands-on to not at all. Start from scratch with a builder or choose redecoration — rethink and reorganize your existing interior with the help of a design professional. Consider:

With your input, your residential interior designer creates the “style board,” so you can see the vision before any changes are made. This serves as a guide through the entire interior design process.

  • The next step requires your residential interior designer to configure the space to best suit your lifestyle. Flow and movement complement function when you rely on residential interior design firms who understand how the two facets of your lifestyle merge and co-exist.
  • Once you’ve approved your interior home design plans, the details complete the picture. Interior decoration is more fluid than the architecture and the baseline created during construction. Interior decorating should encompass your tastes and preferences for color, art, furnishings and accents — elements that can change over the years.

It’s the details that truly make an interior design firm stand out. So whether you’re building an entire house from the ground up, want to design bedroom plans that speak to your current lifestyle or are renovating an older structure, the residential interior design services of Align Design can accommodate your needs.

Call 828-338-8505 today for a consultation.

Residential Interior Design Services
Residential Interior Design Services

Oakley Asheville Living Facelift - Residential Interior Design

Living Room Facelift

A 1920's bungalow living room got brightened up with new floors, and a custom designed built - in around the fireplace. The surround is now a Scandinavian inspired, storage space, and layers of texture add warmth.

Commercial Interior Design by Align Design - Integrated Cardiology

Kitchen Renovation

The complete kitchen rehab consisting of removing a wall between the living, dining and kitchen to create one, seamless space that opens to a new 12 x 20 deck, where the party can continue.

Grand Coney - Commercial Interior Design

Reimagined Nook

Reimagining the best for an unused closet under the stairs, a cozy nook for reading and relaxing was the perfect solution. Upper cabinets serve as the base for the 4' deep cushion, and provide storage area.

Commercial Interior Design Services

Commercial Interior Design Services
A commercial interior designer with a flair for finding local materials, a keen intuition about what your customers will like and a devotion to your special needs is rare. In Shawn Merkel, you’ve found a freelance interior designer with a Bachelor’s degree in interior design, a certification in Feng Shui and a rich, diverse portfolio who embraces all aspects of commercial interior design.

Creating working solutions for your renovations or creative new construction projects is especially invigorating for commercial interior design firms like Align Design. Shawn’s team has experience in:

  • Office interior design
  • Restaurant design
  • Retail design

From concept development to branding, signage and space planning, Align Design has your project covered. Following the same process used to create a residential interior design, Shawn works closely with you, your architectural team and your project manager to come up with the ideal solutions that personify your integrity, values and sense of place.

Request a consultation before you finalize your design.

Commercial Interior Design by Align Design - JU Sushi Lounge

JU Sushi Lounge

Once a steakhouse, this restaurant was re-fashioned into a sushi restaurant with an upscale, club feel. Align Design also integrated a water feature in the entry, incorporating Feng Shui principals.

Commercial Interior Design by Align Design - Integrated Cardiology

Integrated Cardiology

The attention to earth friendly choices and materials, combined with colors from nature is meant to assure patients that this is a place of natural healing.

Grand Coney - Commercial Interior Design

Grand Coney

A dilapidated building, that was once the home of a Heap Big Beef from the 60’s was renovated to become a real time, 24 hour diner, with a retro feel.

A Demand for Details

Rely on the expertise of Align Design professionals to pay attention to the smallest details of your business. Few commercial interior designers bring the level of detail-oriented objectiveness to a commercial interior design project like Align Design. An integral part of every commercial interior design project includes exact, specific, creative attention to:

  • Flooring
  • Lighting
  • ADA compliance
  • Staff proficiency
  • Customer experience
  • Brand recognition
  • Traffic flow

Whether you need to reconfigure your current space to accommodate increased traffic or require completely new ideas to align your rebranding efforts with your space, you’ll find that the commercial interior designers at Align Design provide concepts that are both unique and functional.

Interior Design — Asheville, NC

A graduate of Kendall College of Art and Design and a certified Feng Shui consultant, Shawn Merkel believes that her expertise in residential interior design and commercial interior design are enhanced by her diverse talents. Understanding the architectural and material side of interior design as well as the personal feeling side of space development are intrinsically linked in a way that allows her to go deep into the design process.

Each aspect of your commercial or residential interior design services include full-service interior design and interior decoration, an important element of every project. You’ll receive streamlined ideas that flow from one phase of a project to the next with no interruption. You’ll see your vision come alive as you watch the process and experience the perfect alignment of the ideal with the reality that is the finished space.

From concept to completion, Align Design LLC can help you actualize your vision. Whether you are doing a small remodel, or starting from the ground up, Align Design has the knowledge and skills to create the space that you envision. By listening closely to the client, and gaining a deep understanding of the needs of the project, beautiful, functional, spaces are born.

Speak to the intuitive design experts at Align Design; call 828-338-8505.



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