Zen Inspired Interior Design

Zen Inspired Interior Design

Japanese style homes have a unique interior design that brings calmness and peace. These feelings of serenity comes from the Zen inspired design that uses strong horizontal lines, wide spaces, less clutters and plain, warm colors that are contrasting towards each other. Applying the traditional Japanese interior design to modern homes has seen a spike in recent years, because of the growing influence of the Japanese culture especially to the Western world. Many people from overseas have adapted the Japanese way of designing, and has been reading articles and books on how to make their homes feel like an authentic, Zen inspired space.

Living Room

Zen Inspired Interior DesignZen inspired living room needs to have low tables and pillow cushions where people will sit. The color combination should also be highly contrasting, like a dark wooden door or ornament being a backdrop against a cream or white colored wall. There should also be a minimal use of lines in designing the living room, and remember to put small bonsai trees above the desks. Avoid putting candles, magazines and other items above the low tables because it would contradict the Zen inspiration which states that no clutters are allowed. Oriental ornaments, like a Buddha statue, can be place inside the shelves. Paper paneled walls are also required to get that oriental feeling. Remember that when creating a Zen inspired house, balance is always the key. Symmetry is encouraged, and the room should at least be free of any electrical gadgets. Also, the windows should show nature from the outside, complete with trees or any scenery that will add serenity to the structure.

Dining Area

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A central dining table that has minimalistic design should be the center piece of the dining area. Cushion pillows would also stand as chairs, and minimal wall paintings must be used. Similar to the living room, the color of the walls should be bright, accented with dark colored ornaments, and paper panels must be installed either as a design or as a wall.


Low platform beds that have strong Japanese influence is what gives it a Zen look. It is compulsory in a Zen style home, and people must not forget the usage of paper panels to act as a door or a wall. Paper lanterns are also recommended, complete with a moderately sized painting placed on the wall where the bed rests. These paintings must exhibit the traditional Japanese art style, in order to make the feeling more authentic. Additionally, plants like bamboo should be placed inside the bed room.


The bathroom must have lots of plants or bonsais inside. It should also showcase minimalistic lines and a single color with different shades, preferably white or cream. The use of wood inside a Zen inspired bathroom is also encouraged.

Doing an interior design project to make a house look Japanese is slightly challenging, because of the requirements and the points that have to be considered. However, once successfully implemented inside the house, the results will be pleasing to the eye. Japanese style homes that are patterned after the Zen idea tend to look more tranquil. Most of these houses are built in the countryside, because according to the Japanese people, life is better away from the cities.