West Asheville Overhaul


Since the last West Asheville Overhaul post, ‘lots has gone on. None of it very exciting as far as images are concerned, but substantial progress nonetheless.

We decided to add some interest to the exterior of the house by adding Cedar Shake to the peaks, and alternating horizontal and vertical lines.


Building or remodeling a home or business is like a well, choreographed dance. The logistics and project management can be arduous, and tricky, but my contractor, David Gooding – Professional Restorations, has been in the business a long time, and has his system down.


The building process can also be tedious and slow moving, but once it reaches a tipping point, things start to happen very quickly. We’re finally at that point and hoping for an April move in date for our clients.

Once the exterior was fully enclosed, back in January, our crew started on the inside; framing in walls, installing the HVAC and electrical systems and stubbing in the plumbing.

These stairs were a welcome addition after months climbing a ladder to access the second floor.

This skylight was added to the master bedroom once all of the the walls were framed out.

This photo shows some of the HVAC system that was installed.

This image shows the European style, wall mounted toilet in the Master Bath, and some of the electrical ready to be installed.


After each individual system was in place, an inspection was required and I’m proud to report that my crew passed each one on the first try.

In the meantime, Mark Oliver – MJO Studios – Asheville, gave the steel support beams some love.  We decided to keep the material raw to maintain the organic integrity, but they needed to be cleaned up and restored to their original patina.

Before shot of the beams.

After Mark worked his magic.

This shot shows the perfect imperfection of the steel that will add an extra dimension to the element.

After all of that, the insulation was put into place and another inspection had to happen. We passed that one too, so finally the sheetrock is going up.

This tends to be the phase that’s the most exciting for my clients because this is when it starts to look like a real house.


In this phase we’ve started scheduling the flooring installation, painting, kitchen cabinet install, and bathroom fixtures.

Fortunately, all of the finishes are already at the site, since we ordered them a month ago. We like to have everything ordered and delivered before needed so as not to slow down the process. If my contractors have to wait to get supplies, it can disrupt the schedule, and affect the owners’ move in date. (That’s never a good scenario).In the meantime, we are finalizing the exterior paint colors.

Indigo Batik

Steely Gray

Hopefully the beautiful weather will hold and my painting crew can get started.