Demo Begins!

If you remember from my first post about this project, I proposed demolition of some of the existing add ons and new square footage at the front of the home, along with a two story addition on the back.

Well, there just happened to be a very large tree located extremely close to the front corner of the home, creating a problem for the add on.  No one likes to have to order that a tree be cut down, but it helped that the pine was extremely messy and more than likely, diseased, so the owners willingly hired a tree service to come in and remove it.  Turns out, there were several other trees on the property that may have eventually caused problems, so they had them removed as well.  In the long run it will not only eliminate a lot of seasonal debris, but will also give them much more light on their lot, and in their home. Side of house from yard pre demolition Front of house from street pre demolitionWork in progress. Large tree being cut down Large crane taking down tree Tree in front of house being cut downAnd she’s down.Tree after being cut downSo now that that’s taken care of, demo begins in earnest.Front of house without windows during demolition windows and faux stone being removed during demolitionRemoval of all windows and the faux stone on the front of the house where an addition to extend the living area will be.

While in the back of the house…..


back of house before demolition


Back of house during demolition Demolition of back of housePatio being removed
Side of house before demolition


Back of house removed during demolition Back of house bump out removedNo more illogical add ons on the back.  This will now be the back wall of the kitchen.


Things are starting to happen on the inside of the house as well.  Drywall is all being removed and replaced.  (They like to call it sheet rock in the South). 😉

Living room before demolition


Living room demolition Living room demolition
Dining room before demolition


Dining room demolished
Bathroom pre demolition



Bathroom walls all removedNo more privacy in that toilet room!


Hallway pre demolition


Hallway demolished Demolition debriAnd the wall between the living room and laundry room is gone.


Laundry room walls demolished
kitchen pre demolition


Kitchen demolition

Meanwhile, upstairs……..this used to be the bathroom.Upstairs bathroom pre demolitionWalls goneLooks like the tub surround and toilet has found a temporary home until they pitch it out the gaping hole on the side of the house. Demolition debri

It’s going to get worse before it gets better, so hang on!!!!

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