Shawn Merkel of Align Design is a true pro. She helped us with a complete reno project, tear-down to almost entire new build. Her ability to take the clients style/dreams/desires and manifest them into a visually/high functioning space, is unique. She is also a very strong project manager, and has the ability to manage builder, subs, orders, and juggle multi-dimensional project needs. A huge asset. If i did it again, I would have Shawn at our side. Thank you!

Zach Adam

Shawn has been very helpful in every aspect of this job from picking out paint colors, furniture and lighting fixtures to the actual general contracting of the project. She has a lot of great ideas and a very positive personality which makes her fun to work with.

Dan Flikkema

I really enjoyed working with Shawn on this kitchen remodel. I know the homeowner is thrilled with the outcome. Having Shawn on board saved the day. It changed the project from being average to being outstanding.

I am looking forward to working with Shawn again.

JR Wright
JR Wright Builders – JR Wrightbuilders

Shawn has a great eye for design and color. She was very professional and fun. She also stayed in my budget and worked well with the contractor. She listened to my ideas, and kept saying “It’s your kitchen, what do you want”? I’m glad I had Shawn’s eyes to help design my new kitchen. She had some great ideas for color, flooring, lighting and use of space in the kitchen. She has a great eye for design and I would highly recommend her. I have a beautiful kitchen that I love to work in. Thank you again for my beautiful kitchen.

Jean Taylor

Working with Shawn was a pleasure. She took our lifestyle, experiences and preferences into consideration while simultaneously working within a limited budget. I could not have been more pleased with the results. Our home is beautiful and we get so much more use from our living space. I chose to work with Shawn because her residential design work looked like people could actually live in the rooms photographed on her website. I feel lucky every time I walk into my home now that we’ve finished.

Courtney Flanagan

Shawn’s creative flare turned my condo into a place of solace to come home to. She had great ideas and was respectful of my vision and price point.

My home is warm, inviting with a gentle feel from the wonderful inspirational ideas that Shawn had. It just feels right.

Lisa Gallenger

My business partner and I hired Shawn at Align to assist us in a remodeling of our office and waiting room area. Neither of us are very skilled in the area of design so we were very happy to have the assistance. Shawn was able to take our very rough description of what we wanted and turn it into a design that exceeded our expectations. She brought wonderful ideas to the table that we never even considered. After the design was finalized she followed up regularly with us and communicated directly with the contractor to save us time. We highly recommend Align design.

Ben Zeeuw
German Auto

In designing our space we wanted to create a healing environment that brought in elements from the outside, while using ecologically sensitive materials, and creating an energy inside the space that was calming and harmonious. Shawn was able to beautifully tie these elements together using her knowledge of Feng Shui and personal experience in the holistic healing professions. The physical space was transformed both cosmetically and energetically into a healing space that allows one’s inner being to harmonize with the natural world despite being indoors. This was accomplished on a limited budget and in a timely fashion. Thanks, Shawn for allowing my vision to manifest. Patients continue to be amazed at how office design can bring about harmony in one’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states.

Dr. David Johnson M.D.
Integrated Cardiology

We asked Shawn to do a space plan for a small ranch home we purchased as our retirement home. Wanted to be able to age in place there. Since we were still living 5 states away when the project began, she traveled to and from the property to begin her plan and again to meet with contractors. She communicated with us by Skype, phone and email. Shawn has a pretty extensive form for her clients to complete for her before the first meeting. If you work with her, I urge you to work your way through it. The fresh ideas she came up with, the design board she did for the colors, materials, fabric and furniture was spot on for what we had in mind. The house is going to be amazing, and Shawn was great to work with.

Sansi Hargrove