Oakley-Asheville Kitchen Revamp

A kitchen revamp was in order for a local chef and his wife who, manages a local B&B.  The foodie duo were tired of their dingy, poorly designed, 1980’s style kitchen and desired a bright and open work space where they can kick back and prepare delicious meals for themselves, when they aren’t cooking for other people.
The space was gutted and reconfigured, switching the sink and stove placement, and situating the refrigerator on the opposite wall, to create a better work triangle.
Budget constraints dictated a plan that will be done in phases, and allows more cabinets to be added at a later date, where the open pantry currently lives.
A rolling cabinet, with butcher block top, situated to the right of the stove, (unfinished by the cabinet company at the time of the photo shoot), can be pulled into the room to provide a portable island.
Budget friendly materials were sourced, including luxury vinyl tile for the floors, that mimics the look of concrete, and laminate counter tops that evoke the look of granite.
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