Commercial Office Interior Designer

Your business’ interior is a reflection of your brand. It tells your customers who you are.

Whether you are renovating in Asheville, NC, or starting with a newly constructed space, Align Design will ensure that your space is a positive reflection of your brand. Our commercial, interior design expertise merges form, function, and affordability, and most importantly, style, that caters to your particular needs, and lets your customers and clients know who you are. With thoughtful attention to detail, we can help you with functional space planning, and specifying finishes, lighting, fixtures and furnishings that are appropriate for their intended use.

Whether it be a restaurant, retail space, small business, or office, we can provide beautiful, functional solutions to promote your business and your brand.

Align Design provides the knowledge and expertise for your commercial, interior design makeover. Contact us today to start finding your interior, business solutions. We look forward to hearing from you.