How to make your bedroom more inviting

My personal rule #1 is: NO ELECTRONICS IN THE BEDROOM. I have not slept with my cell phone next to the bed since 2010. Research clearly shows that eliminating electronic gadgets from your sleeping area results in better zzzz. That goes for your alarm clock as well. A good ole’ wind up alarm clock can do the same job as a digital one that you have to plug in. Plus, there are some really cool ones out there that can enhance your bedroom design.  I also, personally do not have a t.v. in my bedroom.  While people hold strong opinions about that topic, one way or the other, my experience has been better sleep, and sweeter dreams, but I’ll leave that up to my clients, and work a television into the design if they want it.

Here are some other tips that can help make your bedroom cozier, and make you look forward to snuggling into bed every night.

Clear out the crap! Put away your clothes and don’t hang anything on your doors. Make sure your nightstand and dresser are clutter free.   Create space to place some fresh flowers, candles, books to read, a glass of water and your reading glasses, if you need them. By clearing these surfaces, you’ve created an opportunity to create a space for a vignette. Make the most of it.

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Consider the paint color of your room carefully. There is tons of research on the psychology of color, but what it boils down to is this: soft blues, greens, grays and darker shades of the aforementioned create a more relaxing atmosphere than vibrant yellows, oranges, reds, and purples. It’s not rocket science. Here’s an article from Bedding Style that speaks to that.

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If you have the typical “boob style” overhead light, consider replacing it with a lovely, chandelier or an interesting fixture. Installing a dimmer switch will also enhance the relaxing feeling.  Bedside lamps cast a soft glow and give you task lighting close to the bed, for reading before you go to sleep. Candles are also a nice touch, but never leave them unattended. Also, the bedroom is a great place to experiment with “alternative” lighting, like twinkle lights.

  • Use window coverings that are versatile. Let the sun shine in during the day, but keep it dark when you want to sleep. Layers work best here. Shades, or blinds, combined with a more decorative sheer or curtain let you control how much or how little light you would like to let in, or keep out.
  • Hang art that makes you happy. Keep the family photos in another part of the house. This space should be reserved for photos of your significant other and yourself only, or neutral artwork that makes your soul sing.
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  • If you have room, create a separate sitting area that makes you want to snuggle in and read, meditate, or watch t.v. (for Dog’s sake, don’t watch the news in here)!
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  • Splurge on the higher thread count sheets. They cost extra up front, but are worth the investment and will last much longer than the less expensive ones. Same goes with pillows. Replace them at least once per year. No one sleeps well on a gnarly, lumpy, drool-stained, pillow that’s filled with dead skin cells. Ugh!
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Also, consider layering your bedding. Check out this article on Just Decorate.


If you have hardwood, put a nice area rug under your bed, or smaller rugs on either side of the bed.

  • Buy a new mattress if it’s worn out. You spend one third of your entire life sleeping. Make sure you are making the most of that too!
  • And last, but not least, ALWAYS MAKE YOUR BED!
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  • Sweet Dreams!