HGTV – Wow! What Color is That?

Align Design is super excited to announce that one of our designs was chosen to be featured in the June issue of HGTV Magazine’s “Wow! What Color is That?”.  It is available on newsstands now.

  The same project was featured, in its entirety on Apartment Therapy back in April, 2015.The project featured was an 849 sq. foot condominium in the Heritage Hill district of Grand Rapids MI. The photo featured in HGTV’s article is the dining room of that condo. The paint color featured is Sherwin Williams Henna Shade. This particular paint color was chosen for its ability to evoke the terra cotta walls of an Italian Trattoria, where dining is casual and the food is plentiful and served family style. It was the perfect shade for the small space where weekly pasta nights for family, friends, and neighbors are held. It also proved to be a perfect canvas for a collection of eclectic art.

Align Design was contacted by HGTV in February about being considered for the feature. After submitting the photos and completing a questionnaire about the project, particularly the color choice, we were contacted again in April, and told that our project had been selected for the June issue.Align Design is a full spectrum residential and commercial interior design service, specializing in remodeling and new construction. Originally located in Grand Rapids MI, Align Design relocated to Asheville in November of 2016. Since then we have worked on a diverse compilation of projects including small redecorating jobs, and full scale remodeling projects.

Align Design’s foundation is built on the understanding that good design is not just about the aesthetics of a space. We work hard to integrate the way that our clients live and work with the physical surroundings that we create in order to give them a space that resonates with who they are. Good design should integrate the client’s personality, and be a reflection of who lives there, and in the case of commercial design, what the company is about.

Although color is only one piece of the overall outcome of a project, it can have a huge impact on people’s emotions. It has the ability to affect productivity, relationships, and mood. We take into consideration the research that is out there about color psychology. For example, if a client wants to paint a room yellow, we help them find a yellow that will lift their spirits and self esteem, rather than one that will raise their anxiety.

While neutrals are the most popular choice for most homeowners right now, consider a bold splash of color, even if it’s only on one wall. It can make a room stand out, and provide a backdrop for other statement pieces.

Consider a bright, or contrasting color as a backdrop for artwork or sculptural pieces.

Darker colors recede and can create the illusion of space in a small room.

An interesting pattern or paint effect on one wall can add personality to a room

Give us a call and we can help you to choose the perfect color.