Five Simple ways to create good Feng Shui in your home

#1  It starts at your front door.

One of the main factors ruling Feng Shui is the concept of energy, or chi which means life force.  In a nutshell, does your house feel good to you or does it make you feel uncomfortable and jumpy?  That’s how energy affects you, and it all starts the minute you step up to, and into your front door.

An attractive exterior entry way includes bright colors, lush plantings and inviting elements, such as the things included on this graphic.

In traditional Chinese practice, a red front door is the most auspicious color and attracts good energy to your home, while blocking bad energy.  But other attractive colors can also invite good chi. 

As long as your include some of these inviting elements, your exterior can be the starting point for the good vibes to enter. 


Inside the entry is the start point of the arrival into you home, and a clue of things to come.  An inviting spot to sit, can be a signal that you are welcome. 

Greenery, artwork and mirrors also create a balanced energy. This mirror from CB2 adds a smart design element.

Never place mirrors facing the door however.  This pushes the good energy back outside. 

I found this sweet welcome mat for my entry at Bed Bath and Beyond. 

#2   Add living things.

Not only do plants add a vibrant, live energy to your home, but they can also be beneficial for your interior.  They clean the air, reduce stress and add a layer of coolness to your interior.  But be careful not to over do it.  Too many can make your home look like a jungle and too few can make it look uncared for.

You can find these cool Braza hanging planters at Dig Gardens.

Also make sure to change out wilting flowers frequently and get rid of any dying greenery.  Don’t add plants in your bedroom.  Some experts believe that the living, awake, energy of plants can disrupt your sleep.  

These air plant holders found on Etsy not only add something living, but also a metal element.

And speaking of elements………

#3   Balance your elements.

The five elements of Feng Shui are wood, fire, earth, metal and water.  When they are properly balanced, they represent harmony and translate that into our living spaces.  Think about layering textures and materials such as glass, wood, metals, and colors to create a mix that is pleasing to you. 

#4    Clear the clutter.

We’ve all heard of Marie Condo’s blockbuster book about organizing your spaces to achieve nirvana.  Well, there’s something to that.  Clearing your space makes it easier for the chi to flow and also makes your home look well cared for and is just good design sense.  Cluttered, dusty spaces prevent positive energy from moving around in our environment, and also creates stress.  (Why does it feel so good to be out in the woods, and so yucky to be in a dirty city)?

#5   Stop the runaway chi.

Anything that invites good energy in is good.  That’s where you want to keep it.  Like the example of mirror placement, you don’t want the chi to flow in just to flow back out.  Stairways right in font of a doorway need a “cure” to prevent the energy from running down the steps, to the outside.  Shotgun style design, where the front and back doors are adjacent from each other are another situation that needs adjustment.  Placing furniture in a way that prevents the chi from flowing in a straight line helps that.  

With just these five simple rules you can create a balanced, peaceful space that you want to come home to.