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How we feel when we step over the threshold of our home and into our personal sanctuary is very important. Do we feel safe, uplifted and nurtured by our home environment? If our personal environments fail to comfort, and inspire a sense of serenity, perhaps there is a need for some good flowing chi in our space.

Right now, Align Design is offering remote Feng Shui adjustment sessions. Each session is $198.00 and includes:

A pre-evaluation of your floor plan, including completed Bagua, for future reference. A virtual, walk through assessment of your main floor, via FaceTime. Recommendations for adjustments.

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Feng Shui (pronounced fung schway) is the ancient, Chinese art of purposefully placing or arranging objects in order to change the flow of Chi energy, gain positive results, and feel a sense of harmony. Chi energy moves around and flows better when we apply the rules of Feng Shui. In other words, when we move objects with intention, the belief and emotional dimensions also move with it.

A professional feng shui consultation for your home or business can increase your knowledge as well as the benefits of positive chi in your life.

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Shawn Merkel, owner of Align Design LLC, holds a BFA in interior design from Kendall College of Art and Design. She studied under Minnie Kansman of Humanity in Harmony with Nature and earned a certificate in BSTB Feng Shui. By incorporating feng shui and intuitive design principals, she creates healing and harmonious spaces in homes or businesses.

Basic Feng Shui session lasts approximately 2 hours

Residential – $198.00 – 2 hour consultation- additional time is $27.00 per 15 minute intervals.

Commercial – $298.00 – 2 hour consultation- additional time is $45.00 per 15 minute intervals.

Mileage Charge – .55 per mile beyond 15 mile radius

Session Fee includes

• Pre Evaluation of the floor plan
• On-site analysis
• Recommendations

Client is required to provide the following:

• One week in advance of the session – Floor Plan of the space, including overall dimensions, room labels, appliance and plumbing placements.
• History of the home
• Red Envelope with fee enclosed at time of the consultation.

“I knew Shawn was very knowledgable in Feng Shui and had studied with a master. I wanted to make some positive changes in my life and believed this process would facilitate those changes. I am also an Interior Designer and know how important it is to have your home support you and your needs. Shawn’s presentation was extensive and professional, more than I expected. I made several of these changes over a 6 month period. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money but didn’t have to since much of the work does not require it. My bedroom happens to be in the relationship corner and I truly wanted to attract a romantic partner in my life. So I purchased two matching nightstands with drawers for my bedroom. I loved these sweet nightstands and stored off-season clothes in the substantial drawers which made me very happy. Finally I wasn’t keeping these things under my bed in a plastic bin. Life went on and I didn’t think much about the changes I’d made. Six months passed and I found myself deep cleaning my bedroom one day. I realized the nightstand on the left side is now full of my new partner’s things! I didn’t put the Feng Shui changes together since new love has a way of distracting a person. I don’t mean to sound trite and am not really a “woo-woo” kind of person so I will leave it up to you to decide if my time with Shawn made a difference in my life.” 

Testimonial:  Susan Markovitz

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