Fab Furniture Friday

I recently had a minor surgical procedure, and gave my self a couple of days off.

An occupational hazard of being an Interior Designer is that you continue to think about design, even when you’re not working so of course my mind was on cozy furniture –  the kind that you’d like to snuggle into and it makes you feel better.

This week, I’m focusing on just that kind of furniture; soft, plush, and comfy.  Like if you were a cat, this would be your spot.

My opinion is that we shouldn’t limit ourselves to this kind of indulgence only when we’re not feeling well, but any time that we want to give ourselves a little respite.

I would be happy to curl up in any one of these chaise lounges.

Or in any of these secluded nooks.

You had me at blanket on this one.

I found this beautiful crocheted, wool blanket on Etsy .

A down filled sofa is a no brainer for a sink into, and get cozy, kind of spot.


Velvet is another no brainer when it comes to plush.  I love the beautiful blush color of this sofa from Jonathon Lewis. 

And last but not least, how about this plush, furry bean bag from Pottery Barn Teen?