Fab Furniture Friday!

This is the time of year that I’ve been seeing garage and estate sales galore.  Seems like everyone feels the urge to purge in the summer months. There are plenty of treasures to be found at these sales, and can be yours for a small fee, so this week I’m focusing on up cycled furniture and decor to spark the creativity wire.  Keep your eyes and mind open for some of the fabulous finds that can be reimagined in wonderful ways.


Rethink ways to create a side table.

Don’t overlook old, musical instruments for the rocker in the family.

Who says you need to use the entire piece of furniture?

Looking for ideas for the kids?

Or the dog?

Old tools and automotive parts make unusual household decor. For the sports fanatic……….

Here are a few things for your outdoor living spaces.

Let your imagination run wild and happy hunting!