Fab Furniture Friday -Pairing your Fab Furniture with Art

Cool art, properly paired with your furniture, can make it even more Fab!

Here are some simple tips for pulling off great combinations.

Pay attention to the scale – If it’s a big room, think big art.   A common mistake is to hang a dinky piece of art on a large wall. If you honestly love the piece, then have it re-matted and re-framed to give it a larger profile.

Or create a gallery of small prints which will fill the space in the same way that one large piece of art would. DIY Design has great ideas for gallery wall arrangements as well as some tips for hanging.

Don’t hang your art too high – The only thing worse than art that is janky, is art that is hung too high on the wall.

A simple recipe for hanging a piece of art over your sofa is this –

Two thirds as wide as the sofa.

Place the midpoint of the art about 60 inches from the floor.

Center it

Check the bottom edge and make sure it is 8 – 10 inches above the back of the sofa.

Nudge your art down a few inches and behold the feeling of calm that comes over you.Let your art become the wall.  This is a great trick to cover up old, or poorly plastered walls, electrical boxes and other wall blemishes.  

Layer – By that I mean, create a connection between your art and the rest of the items in the room. For example, place a plant, lamp, or a stack of books a little off to the side, and in front of a painting so that it creates depth. In other words, let the art and the things that they are paired with have an interaction.  You can also lean your art pieces so that they overlap a bit, creating an interesting dynamic.


Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. If you want to truly give your space a designers touch, try a little variety, and remember that it doesn’t just have to be a canvas to be considered art. Experiment with tapestries, sculptural pieces, or your pez dispenser collection, if that’s your thing. Don’t hold back. This is your opportunity to reflect your style, so go for it.


A simple way to pair art and furniture is to use color to unify.

Or…forget about matching – Again, add variety, and don’t get stuck thinking that your art has to match your sofa. This is an opportunity to experiment with color, texture and themes.


The best thing to do is experiment using some of the techniques here.  You’re sure to find the right combination.