Dream Doors To Add Pizazz To Your Home's Entry

We all need an entry door.  It’s the gateway, the portal, the access to the treasure within.  

It connects the exterior to the interior and tells a story about the the lifestyle and the personalities of the people who live inside.

If you’ve been thinking of “zazzing” up your front door, the following photos may spark your imagination.  Here are a few of my favorites……


If you’re more traditional, these Craftsman style doors may be just the ticket.  They are easy to source and come in many configurations and sizes.   Dutch Doors are also easy to find, but will cost you a little more $$$.  Also of note, they usually are constructed of wood, so if they are going to be used on the exterior, you will want to make sure that they are thoroughly sealed and protected with a high quality varnish, that is regularly maintained. Adding an entry roof over the door adds another layer of protection from the elements.

Consider giving your old door a new life by painting it to match the vegetation and flora around it.

These modern doors won’t lend themselves to every house, but aren’t they yummy?

Antique doors can also be hard to find, and can come with a hefty price tag, but if you are patient, and willing to hunt, it’s not impossible to find some beautiful specimens.

Don’t forget to consider what the door looks like from the inside.  The interior of the door should enhance the interior of the home as well.

Double doors can make a statement about the entrance of your abode.

So can unusual details.

Most people won’t be able to pull off the whimsical or cartoonish, like the Flintstones door or the Hobbit door, but let your imagination run wild, and see what your door can say about you.