Decorating Tips for Niches & Other Small Spaces

designing small spaces for functionality and aesthetic asheville nc

It’s All About those Small Spaces

When redesigning a room, often times it’s the niches, alcoves and other small spaces that get overlooked. With so many ways to decorate a room, it’s easy to forget they need decorating too, until the eyesore of an empty space draws away so much attention from the rest of the room that something has to be done. However, empty small spaces can be just as exciting to decorate as any other portion of a room, especially when one has an open mind. So with a little creativity and a simple idea of what you want before hand, decorating your small space will be easier than imagined.

Two Approaches To Filling Up Empty Room Space

There are two approaches you can take to decorating the small places in your space: traditional decorating and functional decorating. The difference between them is small. Basically, they’re both aesthetically approached, but functional decorating allows you more use out of your living space. What does this mean? Well, this means looking at an alcove or niche and thinking about how it can contribute functionally to a room while still being aesthetically pleasing. It can be a little tougher, but it’s worth the effort.

Simple Decorating Tips for Niches, Alcoves And Other Small Spaces

designing small spaces for functionality and aesthetic asheville ncSmall spaces, despite their size, have massive potential to brighten and liven up any room. This can be done simply with traditional decorating. Like using wall hangings, matching night stands, or tall vases and statues.

You can’t go wrong with decorative wall art. It can add more pizzazz than stand alone pictures. If the decorative wall art is hanging and not long enough, place a nightstand, a stack of plush pillows, or a variety of different sized and colored vases beneath it.

A simple mirror, while generally hung as centerpieces above mantles, can work just as well in a small space. They give the illusion of a greater space in the room. Try sectioned mirrors over traditional ones if you desire a modern look.

A lovely nightstand with a rustic look and a small lamp on top with a picture frame or a couple of books is the easiest way to decorate a small space. There’s a lot of elegance in simplicity.

Decorating Tips For Adding Functionality

Bookshelves are the easiest way to make a space or wall go from bland to fun. Instead of laying out books on a coffee table, try placing your favorite books in a small space instead. A rug in front of the book shelf will beckon over any guest interested in “checking out” a book from your collection.

If the space is an alcove, a desktop computer shelf adds a nice functional and aesthetic touch. Look for alcove specific desks, or even a drop front secretary desk. If you’re willing to get your hands dirty, you can create your own!

A plush corner sofa can be placed in any corner. And for a little highlight, decorating the sofas with a colorful blanket or a rug right in front will bring life to a room. This way, the sofas act functionally as furniture while removing any empty corner space.