Fab Furniture Friday!

I love furniture just about as much as I love animals, so what could be better than photos of cute animals on furniture?

As a one off of the popular Desire to Inspire blog spot’s Pets On Furniture Monday post, I’ve curated my own favorite photos featuring animals on furniture.

Of course I think that my own dog is the cutest animal being featured today, and I have plenty of photos of him on the furniture, since he thinks that he owns the place, but I’ll only bore you with one.  Introducing Linus, my 14 year old mini dachshund and chief design assistant.

            My second favorite pooch is my grand dog, Oliver.  He’s a                                                                  bit of a celebrity and has his own Instagram page.

          You can check him out at Oliveritaliangreyhound. 

The rest of these buddies are just random cuteness, so enjoy!

(And don’t forget to look at the Fab Furniture they are perched on).