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The Color Issue

West Asheville Overhaul – The Color Issue

 If you’ve been following the progress of the West Asheville Overhaul, you probably know that we were trying to land exterior paint colors for this house for quite some time.  After more than several trials, we ended up with Sherwin Williams – Really Teal – 6489.Read More

It’s Starting to Look Like A Home

West Asheville Overhaul – It’s starting to look like a home

Since the last West Asheville Overhaul post, ‘lots has gone on. None of it very exciting as far as images are concerned, but substantial progress nonetheless.Read More

Interior Renderings

West Asheville Overhaul – Interior Renderings

Well, it’s been several weeks since our last update on this project that we’re calling West Asheville Overhaul.  In the meantime, we got a good amount of snowfall here in the mountains.  Although it was short lived, it disrupted the timeline a bit.  Subsequently, the holidays hit and temperatures dropped substantially, just like the rest of the Mid West and East Coast.  Even so, our crew powered through and they’ve made good headway.Read More

It’s Going to Get Worse Before It Gets Better

West Asheville Overhaul – Design Concepts

My last update on our project – The West Asheville Overhaul – showed some of the demolition that had begun.

That was only the beginning!  Since my last post, the entire structure has been gutted, leaving nothing but a few of the exterior walls to keep the home from collapsing.Read More

Dealing with Scope Creep

West Asheville Overhaul – Scope Creep

The word of the week is –

Scope Creep: What is known in the business as pesky problems that present themselves once the project has started, that may or may not have been anticipated, and add to the bottom line of the original budget.Read More

Demo Begins!

West Asheville Overhaul – Demolition

If you remember from my first post about this project, I proposed demolition of some of the existing add ons and new square footage at the front of the home, along with a two story addition on the back.Read More

Perfect Location, Not So Perfect House

West Asheville Overhaul – Concept and Planning

I am super excited to be working on my biggest renovation project to date, since I relocated to Asheville!Read More

Featured on HGTV

HGTV – Wow! What Color is That?

Align Design is super excited to announce that one of our designs was chosen to be featured in the June issue of HGTV Magazine’s “Wow! What Color is That?”.  It is available on newsstands now.

Read More

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