Boho Style - Let your inner Gypsy free!

I remember my teenage bedroom.  It was filled with house plants, mismatched furniture, and bright colors.  The showpiece of the room was my super cool, wicker peacock chair (that I had begged for, for Christmas).  My mom referred to my room as the “jungle”.  She wasn’t a fan. It was too mismatched for her more refined preference for Mediterranean.  But I was a wholehearted aficionado, because it was cozy, and a haven from the rest of my family’s contrived, common spaces.  It was a place where I could  express my style and escape, to find a little peace.

Fast forward to 2017 and that style is back!  It’s been labeled “Boho”, and can be found all over on Pinterest. 

Good news for those of you who are timid about embracing this scheme, (talking about you here, Rita); turns out that the bedroom is a great place to experiment with this trend.   It lends itself well to spaces where comfort is desired and a little more design freedom is granted.

Want to add a little Boho to your space?  Here are some basic elements:

#1 – A BOHO Bed

Extra points if it’s wicker……Metal bed frames are also a good choice.  You can even place your mattress on the floor if you are limber enough to get in and out.  😉

# 2 Plants, Plants, Plants

Not only do they emit the boho vibe, but they keep the air in your bedroom fresh as well.


# 3 Funky Lighting


# 4  Multi Colored and Layered Rugs




# 5 Fur and Feathers



# 6 Textures

# 7 A Cool Chair  – Extra points if it’s wicker or hanging.  


# 8 Decor that functions while it looks cool.


# 9 Fairy Lights and Sheer Curtains


# 10 – Poufs


# 11 Macrame’ and Fiber Art


Are you ready to give your bedroom a more laid back style?