West Asheville Overhaul – It’s starting to look like a home

  Since the last West Asheville Overhaul post, ‘lots has gone on. None of it very exciting as far as images are concerned, but substantial progress nonetheless.   Building or remodeling a home or business is like a well, choreographed dance. The logistics and project management can be arduous, and tricky, but my contractor, David… Read more »

West Asheville Overhaul

Well, it’s been several weeks since our last update on this project that we’re calling West Asheville Overhaul.  In the meantime, we got a good amount of snowfall here in the mountains.  Although it was short lived, it disrupted the timeline a bit.  Subsequently, the holidays hit and temperatures dropped substantially, just like the rest… Read more »

West Asheville Overhaul

My last update on our project – The West Asheville Overhaul – showed some of the demolition that had begun. That was only the beginning!  Since my last post, the entire structure has been gutted, leaving nothing but a few of the exterior walls to keep the home from collapsing. Even the electrical and plumbing… Read more »

West Asheville Overhaul

The word of the week is – Scope Creep: What is known in the business as pesky problems that present themselves once the project has started, that may or may not have been anticipated, and add to the bottom line of the original budget. No interior design project is immune and this project that we are… Read more »

Fab Furniture Friday

Nothing says “welcome to our home” better than a beautifully styled entryway and the console table is the most important piece of furniture. With all of the entry table styles available it’s easy to create an inviting transition into the heart of your home.  I’ve compiled a few of my favorites for Fab Furniture Friday…. Read more »

West Asheville Overhaul

If you remember from my first post about this project, I proposed demo of some of the existing add ons and new square footage at the front of the home, along with a two story addition on the back. Well, there just happened to be a very large tree located extremely close to the front… Read more »

Fab Furniture Friday – Boho Style Continued!

Yesterday, I blogged about Boho style.  To continue the conversation, I’ve compiled some photos of furniture pieces that would lend themselves to that look. If you are looking at changing your interior design style to a more laid back look, Cost Plus World Market, and Anthropologie are great resources. 

Boho Style – Let your inner Gypsy free!

I remember my teenage bedroom.  It was filled with house plants, mismatched furniture, and bright colors.  The showpiece of the room was my super cool, wicker peacock chair (that I had begged for, for Christmas).  My mom referred to my room as the “jungle”.  She wasn’t a fan. It was too mismatched for her more… Read more »

West Asheville Overhaul – Concept and Planning

I am super excited to be working on my biggest project to date, since I relocated to Asheville! Being accustomed to working on large scale, commercial projects in Grand Rapids, MI, it’s been quite an adjustment since moving here two years ago.  100% of my projects have been in the residential arena, with about 85%… Read more »

Fab Furniture Friday – Scandinavian Style

Have you noticed how Scandinavian style is hitting its stride in the design world right now? It’s minimalist.  It’s clean.  It’s uber modern.  It’s the perfect style to bridge the gap between Mid-Mod and urban for those who don’t want to go all out Mid-Century, or minimalist, but want to add a little softness.  The… Read more »