Fab Furniture Friday

Is anyone else obsessed with birds?  I’ve always enjoyed feeding and watching the native birds, but since moving to the mountains of North Carolina, I’ve become even more enthralled.  It just seems like their songs are more vibrant, and exotic, and the plumage of the birds here is so much brighter.  I do everything that… Read more »

Fab Furniture Friday!

I love furniture just about as much as I love animals, so what could be better than photos of cute animals on furniture? As a one off of the popular Desire to Inspire blog spot’s Pets On Furniture Monday post, I’ve curated my own favorite photos featuring animals on furniture. Of course I think that my own… Read more »

Bringing Nature Inside – Fab Furniture Friday

It’s time to get outside!  The weather has been perfect for hiking and biking in the mountains, but if you’re living in a part of the country that isn’t blessed with the best weather for outdoor activities, how about bringing a little Mother Nature inside?  Here are a few furniture and decor pieces that we… Read more »

Fab Furniture Friday! Unconventional Rockers.

Ahh. Summertime. The time of year to take advantage of the outdoor sit spots, preferably, the porch. And what better seating than a rocker. Being in the South has made me appreciate the porch that much more. And although I haven’t adapted to the sweet tea that they love to drink down here, I do… Read more »

Fab Furniture Friday!

The iconic Eames recliner is one of the most recognizable and classic furniture pieces of all time. Loved by millions, it has been in continuous production and demand since its release in 1956. It was designed by Charles and Ray Eames, for the Herman Miller Furniture Company, and was the first chair that they designed… Read more »

Updating the Louis XV Chair

Recently, I’ve been reading MY LIFE IN FRANCE by Julia Child.  Not only does she describe the food in delicious, detail, but also the wonderful experience of living in Paris. She paints a beautiful picture of the day to day activities that she and her husband took part in, along with the apartments that they called… Read more »

Wake up and smell the coffee

I don’t know about you, but I look forward to my morning coffee. It’s a routine that I practice first thing each day. Nothing happens until I’ve had a chance to ease into the morning with a hot cup of pour over. And although it’s something that I do every day, there is no need… Read more »