About The Designer

There is no such thing as a universal style. Each person relates to and resonates within their space individually. One’s interior is the most personal expression of who they are. I believe that there is more to good design than just making a room look pretty. I understand that there are intangible aspects that exude a certain comfort when a space is intentionally designed; a feeling that can’t be explained in textbook design terms. My ultimate goal is to gain a deep understanding of my clients’ needs while supporting them with the foundation of my training, to create truly personal spaces that are aligned with the way my clients live, work and function.
Shawn Merkel

Shawn Merkel Interior Designer Asheville NCShawn earned her BFA in interior design from Kendall College of Art and Design and is a certified Feng Shui consultant. She believes that each area of expertise is intrinsically linked in a way that allows her to go a little deeper into the design process. She is proficient in both Commercial and Residential design and her diverse portfolio includes small redecorating projects as well as full – scale interior architecture, re-modeling.

She has worked with clients and contractors in North Carolina and Michigan, and has collaborated with architects, and builders on many projects. She has also acted as project manager on several, large scale projects. She is a member of ASID and IIDA.

She understands that good interior design is more than just about the aesthetics. She understands which materials will last and how they will integrate best within the context of your project. She functions as her clients’ “subject matter expert”, and assists them in making the right selections. She also acts as a problem solver and uses her educational background to find design solutions for the inevitable design obstacles.

At the heart of her design approach is her belief that there is an undeniable symbiosis between one’s physical surroundings and their emotional and mental states. She is always aware that interior spaces either support or stifle aspects of one’s life at a subliminal level. She works hard to hear the unspoken needs in order to create sanctuaries that elevate her clients’ well being, and are a true reflection of the client she is working with. One of the ways that she achieves that end is by perusing local sources for reclaimed, antique, pre-owned, and restored pieces. By up-cycling, and combining those pieces with treasures that her clients already own, she designs spaces that look curated, rather than staged, while maximizing any budget and making a smaller footprint on the planet.